Hospitality Design

Hospitality is the design of service-oriented projects like hotels, bars, restaurants, lounges, and spas. Ideas of beauty, luxury, and relaxation are instrumental in such projects. Hotels and resorts contribute to large segment of the hospitality industry, which provide a peaceful respite for travelers, or a place to host business functions.

Bars and restaurants also contributes to immense scope of design in hospitality industry sector, which offer a wide spectrum of architecture and interior design, from casual dining to corporate dining. Design is crucial to setting the right tone for an establishment, which is why we put such care into selecting the right furniture, architectural products, and materials for every project we design. Hospitality design is an area that has evolved over the years, as more cautious approaches to luxury are seen even in the most high-end hospitality sector.

We are team based in Ranchi. Our expertise on Interior Design. Our other specialities include Landscape Designing, Architectural Consultancy and Space Planning

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